The swimming pool 

The pool size is 10m x 5m and is roughly 1.6m deep. Fed from the river, it was used purely as a holding tank for water for irrigating the land.

With no filtration or treatment, it wasn't surprising that the water was dank, green and not very inviting for a swim.

In the layer of sludge at the bottom I saw outlines of fish up to a foot long. Water for the pool is pumped in from the river so eggs come in and hatch into carp. These had grown but must have suffocated when the farmer had given up replenishing the water after he put the property on sale. The sludge was foul-smelling and I had to shovel it out. In the hot summer sun and with hundreds of flies attracted by the smell it wasn't the most pleasant of tasks!

When all was clean, the walls had to be scraped and painted.... 

...before the pool could finally be filled!


And here's the pool pump and sand filter that help to keep the water clean.

The next step was to build a brick housing to keep it all weatherproof.

The final result! Worth all the effort.