The house as it was


A finca is a Spanish farmhouse that is mainly occupied while tending the fields and during harvest times. As such it is not normally very substantially appointed and usually quite basic.

The house did have mains electricity and  while not connected to the municipal water supply, it does have a plentiful and cheap supply of water from the river. This water is used for filling the swimming pool and, suitably treated and stored in a light proof cisterna, is good for washing and bathing.

Water for drinking is bought from the supermarket in 8 litre plastic bottles. The empty bottles are useful for storing water used for cooking from a standpump in town. 

The house came with a resident set of stray cats. This has now dwindled to one.
There is an old but workable tractor that the farmer left behind. There was also a properly insulated cold store for storing fruit. However we decided to get rid of this as it was not really practical to retain it.
The room above is where the new kitchen will be installed, and the dining room occupies the room below - without the oil drums, tractor and tools of course!
The original kitchen above and adjacent storeroom. The farmer's wife collected bottles for preserving fruit! These two rooms have become the lounges.
The original staircase went to the front of the house. This made it awkward to give each of the three new bedrooms a view towards the town, so it was necessary to replace it with a staircase that ran front to back, with a corridoor running along the rear of the house to give access to each bedroom.
With no windows in the openings, this upstairs room was just used for storage. It has been converted into two bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom.
...and finally, a view of the terrace along the side of the house. The land at the back is overgrown with poppies, rosemary, fennel and wild asparagus. The scent of rosemary on a summer evening is very pleasant.