Flix Finca

Flix is a small town in Catalonia, Spain. Situated inland, it lies midway between Tortosa and Lleida and about an hours drive South from Tarragona. Nearest airport is Reus.

The River Ebro runs through the town in a giant horseshoe, the majority of the town lying inside the hairpin bend. The river can be crossed by a road bridge which also acts as a dam to control the water level in the reservoir. During daylight hours there is also a free ferry for light traffic and pedestrians. 

Water from the reservoir is fed to a hydroelectric power station via a tunnel that runs under the town. The white patch of water on the bottom right is the outflow from the power station. Spring around Flix is colourful, as the fruit orchards come alive with blossom - apricots, peaches, pears, and almonds.The main crop though is probably olives which seem to thrive in the hot dry summers.